4 Types of Giving

Types of Giving

The Bible distinguishes between 4 different kinds of giving, each with a different purpose, motivation and different rewards for you to expect back.

It is vitally important for you to understand the difference between them, before you start giving, because a full understanding and an application of the 4 different types will help you get your whole financial life under control.

Each type of giving should be practiced with the right motivation and correct understanding of the reward. Your hearts attitude is what matters here.

The Tithe (10%)

– Malachi 3,8-11

God blessed you with 100% of everything that you have and now He is asking you to give 10% back to Him, so that He can continue blessing you through the 90% that are left.

Here the motivation is simply obedience and the reward is the blessing.

God promises you opened windows (floodgates) of heaven, to pour such an abundant blessing on you, that you don’t have room enough to receive it.

With that blessing comes Gods promise to keep the devourer from all you’ve got.
Which means that the devil cannot lay hands on your car, your fridge, your kids, your house or any other thing anymore.

For your tithe to work, it is vitally important that it is given to the storehouse, which is the place where you get your spiritual food from. – Galatians 6,5-7

The Seed

– Mark 4,8

Your future lies within your seed, because seed sown in the good ground is what will spring forth and multiply 30, 60, 100 or as many fold as you dare to believe for.

Here the motivation is the reward,
which is a harvest of at least 30, 60 or 100fold.

For your seed to work, it is vitally important to sow it into the good ground, which can be a church, ministry or just any group of people coming together, teaching the truth of Gods word.  – Your heart will reveal to you where that good ground is.

 First Fruits

– Proverb 3,9-10 & Nehemiah 10,36

First fruits should be given at least every year and they are always the increase of your income, compared to your income in the previous year.
It is a way of showing God that you are not in love with money, but simply grateful for Him supplying you.

Here the motivation is generosity and
the reward is the abundant life.

It is important for your first fruits to be brought to the house of God, to the priests and ministers therein. Look into your heart and you´ll know where that place is.


– Matthew 6,3-4 & Proverbs 19,17 

Alms is the only type that should be given to people, churches or ministries, because they are in need, whereas the others all have another major motivation behind them.

Here the motivation is compassion, sympathy and love and the reward is reimbursementjoy and treasures in heaven.

It is vitally important for your alms to be given in secret, protecting peoples dignity in their crisis.

Even though God promises a reward for almsgiving, your motivation should never be the reward, but the love towards others in need.

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